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Vacant Positions
MONBAND is the biggest and professional manufacturer of water soluble fertilizers in China. As a fast-growing international company, we are seeking the following staff in view of developing our commercial and distribution network in over 50 countries.
Regional Sales Manager
Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia
Philippine, Turkey
Morocco, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia
Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Mexico
1 Extensive work experience in agrochemical/ fertilizer industry
2 Excellent language skills: local language & English
3 Good selling skill and target-oriented
4 Attractive salary packages
Please send us your resume in English to Ministry of personnel: info@jitainy.com.
See details at www.monband.com or call +86 311 80959693.
People at all levels of the company are friendly, respectful and interested in your point of view and contributions. We are here waiting for you.