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Nitrogen Fertilizer——Transformation in Soil

Date:2014年12月27日 14:22

Nitrogen fertilizers can be divided into ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen and amide nitrogen fertilizers. These include ammonium hydroxide,ammonium carbonate, ammonium suiphate,ammonium chloride,ammonium nitrate,sodium nitrate,calcium nitrate,urea.

Ammonium sulphate, ammonium carbonate and ammonium chloride have same transformations about NH+. Some are absorbed in soil colloid, some are turned in NO3-; Anion in ammonium is similar with ammonium chloride, they all are transformed into sulphate and hydrochloric acid. In calcareous soils, ammonium sulphate is turned into calcium sulphate; Ammonium chloride will be calcium chloride, They will result in calcium loss(the soil to harden).

Nitrate nitrogen like ammonium nitrate after applying to soil, NH4+ and NO3- can be absorbed by plant easily.

Amide nitrogen fertilizers like urea will exist in a molecular form after applying to soil. It has a large fluidity, and most plant root systems cannot absorb it. Urea molecular will turn to ammonium carbonate under urease. The transforming speed of urea deponds on urease, besides, urease fluidity rely on soil temperature( 10℃---- 7to10days, 20℃----4to5days, 30℃----2days).

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