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Tianjin port operation is paralyzed

Date:2015-08-13 11:50
Breaking news
 A devastating explosion has been reported in RuiHai warehouse for storing dangerous goods in Tianjin port at around 11.30 pm Beijing time, 12 August, 2015.
There is a giant mushroom fire cloud and smoke hundreds of feet into the sky following the explosion. It claims of up to 400 injured and 17 dead. 
Affected by the explosion and fire, the dock workers are unable to work, all ships dynamic has suspended. The main channel of Tianjin port has declared temporary traffic control. Tianjin port operation is paralyzed.
We are praying for the dead and injured people.
We are sorry to our customers, and some orders could not be carried out as planned.
We believe all things will be ok.

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