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WS NPK is Cherry

Source:Monband Date:2014-12-18 10:41

Along with the development of cultivated cherry industry,the fertigation has been widely used in recent years.Therefore,fertilizer selection and application are the key factors that affect fertigation.The appropriate NPK formula of water-soluble fertilizer and fertilizing plan were proposed,according to the law of absorption of cherries,nutrient status of orchard soil and manure application:For one-year-old cherry,7 500 kg·hm-2 manure and 45 kg·hm-2 NPK(28-17-0)compound fertilizer were applied when planted;75 kg·hm-2 NPK(19-31-0+TE)water-soluble fertilizer was applied in the middle of April.For 2~6-year-old cherry,about 30 000 kg·hm-2 manure and 225~300 kg·hm-2 NPK(26-4-15)compound fertilizer were applied as base fertilizer;50~150 kg·hm-2 NPK(18-4-28+TE)water-soluble fertilizer was applied in several times in the middle of March;50~75 kg·hm-2 NPK(24-5-21+TE)water-soluble fertilizer was applied in several times at the beginning of June.For seven-year-old or more,45 000~60 000 kg·hm-2 manure and 225~375 kg·hm-2 NPK(24-4-19)compound fertilizer were applied as base fertilizer;225~375 kg·hm-2 NPK(14-6-30+TE)water-soluble fertilizer was applied in several times in the middle of March;300~335 kg·hm-2 NPK(20-6-25+TE)water-soluble fertilizer was applied after harvest.Those provided guarantee for high quality and high yield of cherry.

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