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Anti-caking new tech was applied in MAP production

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Anti-caking new tech was applied in MAP production
As the biggest MAP (12-61-0 ) supplier and exporter in China, Monband keep moving forward to adopt new science during the production.

It is well-recognized that, MAP crystal is easily caked and this caking will be worse after months of stewing as well marine shipment

Monband analysis the main reasons causing caking and apply new tech for avoiding caking although many other suppliers said caking is not avoidable.

Here is some reasons may cause caking as per our experiences:
1.Moisture (free H2O), the free H2O from air do exist between every MAP crystals, they will melt the surface of MAP crystals and form new crystal-bridge and then cause caking.
2.Pressure.  we find that the surface of every crystals is not smooth and it is rough, the surface concave and convex may combine after longtime pressure, high stowing, marine shipment.

In year2104, Monband technician team start to research this problem and adopt the following methods for solving the problem:
1.Dedusting Increasing the power of the draught fan, make the crystals more even and contain less dust MAP.
2.Cooling facility. After crystallization, before packing, we added fluid bed cooling facility. We understand the crystal will absorb less moisture after cooling down.
3.Control Magnesium. We find the Magnesium element in the phosphorous ore will cause more caking cases. We added Mg-removing facility during the refining of phosphorous acid.
4.Keep conveyer belt to be isolated, the material on the belt will absorb less moisture.
5.Use good quality packages We know the good inner bag will protect the goods well and isolate the goods from outer air. We only use good quality double layer bags both for 25kg bag and 1000kg jumbo bag. And sewing after upper bag edge double folding will ensure the good sealing during transportation and storage.

We applied the above mentioned technologies in June 2014, and we did not ever find MAP caking cases during recent seven months, only some slight caking occurred and that did not affect the using of our MAP 12-61-0.

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