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        • 产品名称: NPK19-19-19
        • 产品编号: 1001.3
        • 上架时间: 2015-01-16
        • Views : 369

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        1.easily absorbed by plants
        2.free from chloride and heavy metal
        3.dissolved in water quickly

        4.suitable for all growing period

        5.improve the absorption of full range nutrients

        6.reasonable pricing, high quality and quickly shipping

        7.have through IFASGSISO9001:2008ISO14001:2004 certification


        ITEM Total N N(NH4+) N(NO3-) N(NH2-) P2O5 K2O MOISTURE
        Test Results 19.4% 4.7% 3.6% 11.1% 19.4% 19.8% 0.1%MAX


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