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        Monband Culture

        Just like most companies, Monband also has our company culture. This culture is not only some simple sentences. It is our working principle. We always take: Let’s Start, for you, for me, and for agriculture as our mission.

        Working Theme: Increasing efficiency, cost reduction, fine management.

        Guiding ideology: Innovation, seizing opportunity, steady development.

        Company Vision: Building better life, Realizing life value, Creating respected enterprise.

        Monband Culture also a bridge culture. Monband is located in Zhao County. There is a bridge—— Zhao-Zhou Bridge, the oldest stone arch bridge in China as well as in the world, was built one thousand and four hundred years ago. This is bridge looks like you and me. We shake our hands to realize win-win relations.

        Monband Culture still a religion culture. Buddhism has a long time history in China. One of the most famous temples in China, the Bailin temple,was initiated in Han dynasty, spreading the Buddhist culture as well as Chinese cultural continually more than thousand years. Monband people are honest people. We will treat every people as our whole life friends.